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August 14, 2013
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Rabbit Doubt: Naruki Tadase by Zwirrow Rabbit Doubt: Naruki Tadase by Zwirrow
For :iconrabbito-dauto:

:bulletred: Name: || Naruki Tadase ||

:bulletred: Alias/Nickname: || Naru ||

:bulletred: Age: || 18 ||

:bulletred: Birthday: || October 31st ||

:bulletred: Gender: || Male ||

:bulletred: Weapon Choice: || Crowbar ||

:bulletred: Opinion On What Is Happening: || Naru is lost, confused, and fearful of this virtual world he's so suddenly been tossed into. He wants to be kind to those in need so he cannot help but easily fall for the traps around him, causing him to suffer and struggle to stay alive far more often then those with thicker skin. Even so, he firmly believes there is a way out of this and he will help anyone and everyone escape before he considers himself. He will not stop until he finds Miki and he is so desperate to do so that this experience very well may change his views on the world forever. ||

:bulletred: Relationship's: || He has a younger sister, Miki, to which he is very protective and loving over. Currently he is unsure of her whereabouts, but has high suspicions that she is here somewhere in the game and is determined with all his might to find her. Even if she is a wolf.

|| Keiko & Azumi: A couple of best friends whom Naru is helping one another find each other. (Do you guys know how hard this is in two different RP's?? LMAO one version they're looking for one, another the other, like Naru how-- )) Anyway, he mildly considers Azumi pretty hot but bat-shit crazy and trying to get him killed, while Keiko is very sweet and friendly whom he swears to protect. ||

:bulletred: Personality: || Naru is a dork. Kindhearted and sickly optimistic he tries to be the strength for those around him. He is awkward, clumsy and naive but he has a strong will and is very determined to make it out of here alive. He is the type of guy to throw flowers at a girl's face and run away before even saying hello. Nevertheless, he tries his hardest to be the best that he can be on every aspect. ||

:bulletred: Likes/ Dislikes: || Naru is the type of guy to love all the little things in life. He enjoys long walks and talks, serene nature scenery, having fun and just being himself. It doesn't take much to make him happy; he likes many simple things. He hates drama but he will fight when he has to. He hates making people feel unhappy and will do anything to fix it, even if he isn't who caused it. He hates sour candy, fish, and birds. Birds tend to either poop on him or anything he likes. "May the bluebird of happiness shit on your head." Yep that's his life. ||

:bulletred: History: || Naruki Tadase grew up in a tiny one story house in the dark and dirty downtown slums with his mother, father and younger sister. When Naru was 6, he remembers very clearly of the day his father left the family to fend for themselves for a grand business opportunity elsewhere. Years passed and the family struggled to keep up the bills. Naru often showed up to school in dirty clothes he'd worn for days before but he never failed to smile. He was bullied often for being smelly, dorky and even nerdy. He got a job as young as ten years old just to help his mother make meets end. He of course wasn't legally of working age but the family shop he worked for was kind and appreciated his help for the small things he could do. As Naru grew older he began to notice his mother's drinking habits increase. Bills became harder and harder to pay as she recklessly blew the credit cards until they maxed out. When Naru was 13, his mother was fired from her job and the sole source of income was Naru's part-time work. Two years later, when Naru should have been starting high school, he didn't register himself and instead applied for two full time jobs, needing more and more money to pay in his mother's place as she continued to spiral down the drain. He took sole care of his little sister from infancy through now. Through the year, Naru worked hard but to no avail. His mother inevitably OD'd on Vicodin and booze, committing suicide. Now alone and responsible for the health and well-being of his child sister, he spent his highschool years taking online classes, only leaving the house to go pay the bills, get groceries, mow the lawn, take Miki to school, pick her up and tend to all other household needs. As the years continued, he yearned for social interaction but the outside world in this city was dangerous. He began to play games on his cellphone in his free time which lead to the message he received that day...

"Rabbit Doubt...?" He stares blankly at the small screen of his cheap slide-phone. His face hurt from the bruises of being jumped on his way home from the grocer. They wouldn't have dinner tonight. Or tomorrow. Not until payday. He needed to distract himself as his little sister cried in the livingroom, cold because the heat got shut off. He couldn't make the bill this month either. But at least he didn't drown himself away in booze. Sighing, he clicks to accept the game, praying to just escape this lonely, violent world for the night... ||

:bulletred: Other: || Naru has a large scar from his left shoulder to the middle of his abdomen diagonally. This is from a devastating gang fight he and his sister got caught up in unwillingly.

His baseball cap belongs to his older brother, who ran away from home when Naru was 4. Naru barely remembers him and can't decide whether to hate him or miss him.

Naru has a lean frame and even though he stays at home most of the time, he gets plenty of exercise by running to work every day for all three of his jobs and working his hardest to keep the house up as best as it can be.

He can play guitar and will do that anytime upon request, but he is a very modest and shy singer so that's another story.

He is very awkward around other people because he's been so socially limited.

He loves sweets like chocolate, cake, ice cream, and especially doughnuts. Not the cheap shit like hard candies u-u

He is terrified of cats. They creep him out LOL

He loves to sleep. It's not because he's always tired, but... "What if I just slept my life away? Then maybe it wouldn't be so bad." ||

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